Uncle Bob’s Child Development Centre thanks The Rubbish Taxi

Once again, we would like to thank Uncle Bob’s Child Development Centre for recognising our contribution, and wish them all the best for their future work as it truly is a great cause. Here is what they had to say:

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for your kind donation to the Uncle Bobs Child Development Centre. We are very greatful to your company to consider us especially as we are interstate but understand the friendship you have with the Old family. We will be putting this donation towards a basket ball set for the playground. This will encourage development of ball skills, hand eye co-ordination and social skills as children take turns etc. It is also alot of fun for all involved. Again on behalf of all the staff and families at the centre thank you so much for enabling this to happen. It is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Michele Spreckley (Manager of Uncle Bobs CDC)

So there you have it, a new basket ball set! All the best Uncle Bobs.


Your director of rubbish

Paul Younan

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