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Make Your Small Renovation Stress Free !

Is it the time of the year for you to do a small renovation? Is it time to take out ALL the garbage from your home? What about your office? Is it looking more like a dump site rather than a professional workplace? Do you have unnecessary rubbish all around your place? Then it is about time to get professional help. Let the experts handle your rubbish and make your small renovation stress free.

Small Renovation Sydney Solutions

When it comes to small house renovation or small office renovation, most people think they can do it on their own. This mindset makes you say to yourself “I will do it next week” or “I will do it this coming weekend, it’s a piece of cake. I will just throw some trash away, anyway. What’s hard about that?” Before you know it, six months have passed! And instead of throwing away unnecessary stuff from your place, you have accumulated more things to throw.

As of June 2011, there are about 2,132,412 actively trading businesses in Australia which means that competition can be very stiff. 5.2% of this number fill for bankruptcy! In order for your business to survive and thrive, you also have to take care of your physical office and make it a conducive place to work, a place where you look forward to go to every Monday morning. That’s where Rubbish Taxi Services come in. Rubbish taxi will help you clean your office and better yet we are Sydney Wide.

Rubbish Taxi Services has been in the industry since 2008. As a growing company, Rubbish Taxi’s mission is to help you with your small renovation needs by taking out all the clutter you don’t need from your home or business; and at the same time help the environment by minimizing the amount of rubbish and waste that goes to the landfills and tipping stations. But wait, there’s more! A charity initiative of the company called WhatRubbish? Fund is designed to make your “trash into cash”.

Give Back With Every Renovation 

This initiative is designed to help Giant Steps, a school who caters to the needs of children with autism by teaching them and giving them therapy. And of course, apart from the support you give to Giant Steps by contacting Rubbish Taxi Services, you also help the environment. How? Rubbish Taxi keeps out of the landfill some of your trash which can be recycled. By this, you are directly slowing down the rate of what is disposed in landfills. Every small contribution to preserving the environment counts.

Call Rubbish Taxi Services now and hit three birds with one stone: make your place clutter free, give to charity and help the environment! What better way to start your day!

Transparent Pricing

When providing you with a price, it is calculated based on and including the following:

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  • All tip fees

  • Charged per cubic metre

  • First hours labour

  • GST – this is included in the price we quote


  • Friendly, professional, helpful, quick, quiet and efficient. I couldn't have asked for better service. People are so quick to contact you when they're dissatisfied, so I thought it might be nice to hear from a happy customer!  I will absolutely recommend your company to anyone wanting rubbish removal and, of course, use you again if needed.    

    Dannielle - Bondi

  • The guys at Rubbish Taxi have been great! They came in and cleaned up all the rubbish from my recent renovation in no time flat. Saved me alot of time and a sore back. Thanks again guys !

    Marco Steeps

  • Great job done in a straightforward way, nice and early in the morning so I could go straight to work with a clear mind & a clear home.

    Paul Dinning

  • I've been using Rubbish Taxi for a couple years now to clean up after myself.. The guys are hard working, reliable and just a good bunch of lads. They come highly recommend from me.

    Brad Robertson

  • The men that came were friendly and really quick, even shoveled left over dirt into the garden. Can't thank you enough, we will be recommending you to all our friends!

    Sincerely Mike and Jen Sams

  • Hi Paul! Just a belated note to say thank you for making our move from Sydney to Brisbane a lot less stressful than it could have been. Keep up the great work!

    Rhianna and Dave – Formely of Dulwich Hill