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Our story

photoAs a means of providing an income whilst studying Law at University of Sydney, Paul Younan took over what was then a small family business called Cheap Heap. Initially, this move served its purpose, and Paul completed his Law degree and moved into the legal world. From day one though there was something missing. Whether it was being couped up in an office all day, the nature of client contact in the legal world, or the overall formality, Paul quickly realised law wasn’t where he wanted to be.

Taking a leap of faith, Paul resigned from his position as a lawyer in 2008 and, along with business partner George Taouk, launched The Rubbish Taxi. The pair saw a real opportunity to provide a rubbish removal and waste management service with a difference.


Changing the world one load at a time was identified as the businesses mantra, and something that has been the underlying driver in all the businesses activities.

rubbish-taxi-teamPaul, George and the team at The Rubbish Taxi are focused on minimising the amount of rubbish and waste that goes to landfill and tipping stations. So much of what is disposed of can be recycled and reused, highlighting a significant amount of what The Rubbish Taxi collects, is not really rubbish at all. From here, the WhatRubbish? Fund was created. (click here to learn more about the WhatRubbish? Fund and how your rubbish contributes to the community)

Since that day Paul has built a company recognised for their environmentally conscious approach to waste management, their support of the local community, as well as their professional, efficient and punctual service.

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